slider-07Thanks to IBE’s community of supporters, we’ve had a banner year. Together, we’ve worked passionately to build positive changes in the building industry, our communities, and the world. Join us as a partner to build upon our top accomplishments of 2015:

  1. Driving stakeholder value through sustainability in real estate investment. Harrison Street Real Estate Capital (HSRE) was awarded the GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) Green Star after IBE’s assistance for two years. IBE has developed and HSRE’s corporate sustainability program and guided initiatives that garner social, environmental, and positive economic impact for its investors.
  2. Studying the effects of school buildings on health and performance. EPA awarded CSU $1M to study the effects of school buildings on health and performance. Led by IBE, this research project is engaging the Sociology, Epidemiology, and Resource Economics departments. After this 4 year, longitudinal study a report summarizing the results will be published and will provide a decision making tool for school district capital improvements.
  3. ecodistrict
    The EcoDistricts Framework

    Developing a new focus on urban resiliency. Through seed funding from CSU’s Vice President for Research, IBE has created a steering committee to investigate triple-helix solutions for Fort Collins sustainability. With a goal to raise over $1M over the next three years, this team is using EcoDistricts, a national framework, to maximize project synergies and impact and help Fort Collins reach carbon neutrality.

  4. Helping design teams reach better decisions faster. 
    In July, IBE published “The Social Network of Integrative Design.” This white paper offers a social science-based approach to forming and facilitating effective, efficient design teams.
  5. Facilitating third party certification to drive higher building

    To date, IBE has managed 35 LEED certif9ac39-greenglobes-165ications. We’re currently managing the certification in LEED and Green Globes of another nine projects.
  6. Mentoring tomorrow’s leaders. This year, IBE’s mentorship program hosted 15 students (representing eight CSU schools and colleges), bringing our tally of total mentees to more than 65. One alum, Evan Hughes, wrote us this summer to say, “I interviewed with Tishman and got hired as a Project Engineer, which almost certainly wouldn’t have been possible without IBE. Without a job in New York I probably would have starved or been eaten by rats, so I basically owe IBE, Josie, and Brian my life. IBE was absolutely one of the most valuable parts of my time in grad school.”

Help us build on these six accomplishments in 2016: Become a partner of IBE by making a tax-deductible donation  today. Thanks for your support!


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