New Director of Research Joins Team at Institute for the Built Environment

The Institute for the Built Environment (IBE) is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Jeni Cross to their team, filling the role as Director of Research.  Jeni Cross is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Colorado State University.  Her expertise in energy conservation, community development, professional social networks, social norms, and behavior change align with the IBE’s five research focus areas and provide an applicable skill-set to our outreach and service-learning projects.

Jeni’s dedication to translating social science research into practice makes her an engaging speaker and a sought-after consultant on projects that seek to create meaningful, sustainable change.  Most recently, Jeni has focused her work on the utilization of social marketing strategies and network analysis in order to inform organizational transformation for sustainability, integrated design, and conservation behavior.

Brian Dunbar, Executive Director of the Institute for the Built Environment shared, “We are very excited to welcome Dr. Cross to IBE. Jeni’s social science focus is critical to our work – green building is ultimately about people.   Jeni’s ground-breaking work in identifying how notable schools and school districts create a culture of conservation and sustainability continues to receive acclaim from the leading green building researchers and sustainability managers.   Jeni will enhance the depth and breadth of our institute’s work in green schools, integrative design, and organizational sustainability and help us to connect with additional disciplines, faculty, and student.”

Jeni is stepping into the role held by Dr. Lenora Bohren for the past seven years.  Lenora made significant contributions to the Institute’s work in healthy indoor environments and advised countless graduate student interns of IBE.  Her new advisory role at IBE will allow her to dedicate more time to advising graduate students and to her position as President of the National Association for Practicing Anthropology. “We appreciate Lenora’s research leadership and are thrilled that she will continue to help IBE as she transitions to semi-retirement.” said Brian Dunbar.

Jeni has already begun her work as Director of Research at IBE, working closely with Stephanie Barr, IBE’s Green School Research Associate, on several projects related to green school design and operation.

Jeni Cross commented, “I have been working with IBE on a variety of projects over the past several years. This new position gives me the opportunity to work more closely with staff and to develop new projects. I look forward to the opportunities I’ll have to expand my own research on sustainability as well as to help IBE expand its research agenda.”

The Institute for the Built Environment, housed in the College of Health and Human Sciences at Colorado State University, fosters stewardship and sustainability of built and natural environments through interdisciplinary research and outreach.


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